Meet The Team

I've worked with some great people over the years. Each worker brings their own skills, knowledge and perspective. This year, I've put together a team with diverse strengths that's allowing Head Gardener to achieve more than ever before. Let me introduce myself and the wonderful people I work with:

Dan's portrait - May 2017.JPG


I have been landscaping on the west coast for over 15 years.

My passion for what I do keeps me in this business - passion for creativity, people, and collaboration. I thrive on meeting people and being in service to help solve landscape design problems. My guiding principles are: functionality, comfort, elegance and simplicity. I want your garden to work for you, so you can enjoy your outdoor living space with ease.



Although the youngest member of the team, Shaye has been working for Head Gardener the longest, and has known Dan like family for nearly a decade.

An artist and illustrator, Shaye is right at home when it comes to garden design and cleanup. Shaye describes his weed wacker as the pen that outlines gardens and his mower as the brush that paints lawns to an even perfection. He's no stranger to hard work and has become skilled at labouring hard with an economy of movement.



The newest addition to the team, Seamus was brought in during the busy spring 2017 season to help us grow on the ground - and online. It's been a delight for him to dig into the inspiring and colourful Victoria landscapes he's helping beautify. Seamus is keenly invested in making the gardens look good, as he's also our principal photographer. A collection of his assorted work is visible here:


position open

Head Gardener likes to provide a site foreman and crew lead with a strong physicality and work ethic to handle day to day maintenance and projects. This position has just recently opened, if you think you might be a fit, please contact Dan.