Dan has been working with us for the past 2 years to redesign our half acre property. Through his  genius he has turned our yard into a magical garden.  Not a person walks by without commenting on its beauty and burst of colour throughout the year.  His ongoing care has made the garden grow better year after year.  His sense of design is amazing  and he is always so easy to work with.  I would recommend Head Gardener without hesitation!

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Dan and Head Gardener have made such a beautiful upgrade to our outdoor space over the last 3 years. His keen eye for colour, placement and overall vision transformed the dated lawn and haphazardly placed vegetation present when we bought our home, into a coordinated arrangement of outdoor living spaces that we enjoy all year round.
He successfully integrated our wants and needs, influencing our vision into something more that we could have achieved on our own, or with another gardener less dedicated to their craft and clients. His serious dedication to his work is matched by his enjoyment of creating beautiful living spaces. We recommend Head Gardener and Dan to anyone looking to have their property transformed into a beautiful, comfortable space to enjoy outdoors.

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I've been using Head Gardener services for the last 3 years for both garden clean up (fantastic & fast) and landscape designing on two properties. Dan is incredibly knowledgeable with a keen eye to making one's garden inviting, unique and easy to manage. I highly recommend the Head Gardener, whether you already know what you want and simply need it executed, or have a vague idea and need someone to fill in the blanks with wonderful possibilities.



Our garden is ever evolving and always for the better. Dan's patience and vision, his eye for colour combinations, excellent listening ear, his smart design skills and awareness of simple economics has created a beautiful garden we enjoy year round.  He has helped to find the balance between mine and my husband's vision for the garden, our kids, our dogs and hungry deer! I've now lost count of the number of compliments we've received from neighbours and passersby. An unexpected but appreciated bonus!



After watching Head Gardener hard at work on several friends' and family members' properties, he's recently undertaken ours and we couldn't be happier. His work is transformative. Dan's a wonderful gardener with an eye for detail and incredible landscaping talents. I've seen him transform barren landscapes into sprawling garden wonderlands, as well as take existing gardens from shabby, overgrown messes and turn them into beautiful works of art. Even if your landscape is well in hand, let Head Gardener Dan work his magic to make it everything it can be and more. Aside from being a topiary master, Head Gardener Dan is also a wonderful, kind, and fun person to work with.