Emily and Corey's Wedding


This wedding was an opportunity to try my hand at a floral wedding arch like the ones I'd seen on Instagram.  I wanted a base that would support growing plants for years to come so that the framework of the arch would become increasingly filled in with live growing plants rather than just cuts.  The installation had to be portable enough to put in a pick up and drive from Victoria to Saskatchewan, and still leave room for camping gear and supplies for the trip across.

Best part of all, it was for my cousin Emily, who really just trusted 100% that this was gonna work out and gave me lots of space to just do my thing!  It was a beautiful event, and so nice to be with my roots and family tree back in Sasky.  All the greens were harvested locally by myself and the father of the bride.  We used the foliage to enhance all the creative elements, designed by the bride and her mom.