My Modelling Career

Never too old to start a modelling career when it refers to building miniatures!

An age old and useful tool for communicating 3D space, building models is almost as rewarding as building the real thing.  Because the costs are minimized, it is easy to make changes until you've got what you want.  This step helps avoid massive errors in judgement, by being able to place yourself in the design, a challenge from a plan drawing.

Head Gardener would be happy to model custom designs until they are ready to become full scale.  We can take your design from blocking out, to finished styling, and you can have confidence you know what you're working with, every step of the way.



Emily and Corey's Wedding


This wedding was an opportunity to try my hand at a floral wedding arch like the ones I'd seen on Instagram.  I wanted a base that would support growing plants for years to come so that the framework of the arch would become increasingly filled in with live growing plants rather than just cuts.  The installation had to be portable enough to put in a pick up and drive from Victoria to Saskatchewan, and still leave room for camping gear and supplies for the trip across.

Best part of all, it was for my cousin Emily, who really just trusted 100% that this was gonna work out and gave me lots of space to just do my thing!  It was a beautiful event, and so nice to be with my roots and family tree back in Sasky.  All the greens were harvested locally by myself and the father of the bride.  We used the foliage to enhance all the creative elements, designed by the bride and her mom.

Art in Bloom 2010


Lantern People and Folk Art Gnome

The final year that this popular event took place, we had the tremendous opportunity to provide an installation for the gardens of the Victoria art gallery and create a mascot - a giant folk art garden gnome.

18 Humanoid lanterns, surrounded the gallery in 7 vignettes that could be enjoyed both day and night.  The gnome attended the various venues where the lectures were held throughout the course of the festival, Art in Bloom engaged experts in the gardening and landscaping industry to speak on a huge range of topics, from landscape design, floral, edibles etc.

It was a massive undertaking, and one of my first projects of this magnitude.  It was a captivating experience for those who wandered the grounds to explore it.

Leanne's Garden

panarama garden victoria

This garden was a full transformation.  It was a treat to work with Leanne, a consummate artist and designer, to achieve this custom landscape, that never ceases to enchant its visitors

Karen & Dean's Wedding

The Third of June - perfect day for a wedding bloom! This past Saturday I had the special honour of bringing the floral flourish to the marriage ceremony of my friends, Karen and Dean. Through a labour of love, my team and I were able to transform their cozy East Vancouver backyard into a private mini cathedral. From the comments overheard, it sounds like the wedding party and guests thoroughly enjoyed our creations for their elegance, originality and functionality. ***

We all know weddings bring people together - not only for the celebration, but also for the extensive work that goes into pulling it off. From my end, planning and construction of the bar, wedding bower and arches (adjoined to the backyard fence as perimeter enhancements) was executed with my 'Life Of The Party' business partner, Luc Seguin. Together we planned key furniture elements that would function well and look at home in the bride and groom’s backyard. Fresh flowers were generously provided by a friend of the bride, my mother and cousin assisted with the floral arrangements, and my wonderful crew lent a helping hand with installation transport, set-up and take-down. ***

'Life of the Party', specializing in floral and events, recently developed as an offshoot of my Head Gardener landscaping design business. Whether you’re hosting a private ceremony or a public event, we're here to freshen it up with unique natural elements and designs.

[Photos by Seamus Sullivan]