Landscape Design and Consultation


A garden is a reflection of who you are. At Head Gardener, we work to ensure you can always see yourself in your garden.

Consultation & Planning: 

Not only the starting point of any contract, but an ongoing necessity to a garden that is …. growing places.

  • Unearthing Objectives -> Accommodating needs and preferences with regards to function, style, desire lines, investment level, and running costs.

  • Taking Inventory -> Assessing the plant, landscape, and built elements. We believe in making use of your current assets.


Honouring all the elements of the consultation to create and produce an aesthetically-pleasing, functional and enjoyable landscape.

Procession & Progression:

Designing to be interesting in four seasons... for seasons to come. Creating planting schemes that optimize colour, texture, size and shape.


Flower close up 1.JPG
flower close up 2.JPG
West coast landscape design